May 20, 2010

Good and evil? More like all awesome.

I was lucky enough to grow up with a dad who scorned the Molsons and the Budweisers for microbrewery products, both local and imported. He was always trying new beers, which encouraged me to try them too (only after I was 19, of course... cough). And now that I'm co-inhabiting with another fellow beer aficionado, I can pursue my quest of beer exploration even more vigorously.

So to the point - let's just say, when I heard about the first annual Vancouver Craft Beer Week earlier this month, I was one happy little beer lover.

VCBW, the first craft beer week in Canada, consisted of a series of events, all centered around that most delectable of malty beverages: beer. There were 5 course meals with food and beer pairings, beer crawls, tastings, award events and week-long specials at participating bars and restaurants.

Sadly, due to a rather nasty bout of bad luck, the purse strings at the Poulton-Shore residence were a little tight. But my fantastic partner in crime managed to scrape together enough coins for us to attend one of the events: Good and Evil at Subeez.