Jul 14, 2010

Mondays suck. Cask beer doesn't.

It's official - I've found a cure for "the Mondays". It's cold, malty, slightly carbonated... and gives you just enough of a nice warm fuzzy feeling to erase the 15 TPS reports Lumburgh made you crank out before 5 pm.

So what is this magic potion, you ask? And where can you get your shaky Monday afternoon hands upon it?

No surprises here - the magic cure I speak of is none other than my old pal beer. More specifically, it's beer from a cask (here's why cask beer, or "real ale" is awesome). And it's readily available every Monday at 6 pm sharp at St. Augustine's on Commercial Drive.
If you are in any way a fan of beer and haven't yet been to St. Augustine's - please go, immediately. It's named after the patron saint of beer, for god's sake. They've got 40 - yes, forty - taps. Each of which is lovingly attached to a cold keg of craft brewed, (mostly) local beer. That's right - no Budweiser, no Kokanee, no Coors Light. Just 40 different options for legitimate craft beer. Not to mention this Cask Monday business, which is why we're here isn't it?

So here's the deal: every Monday evening, the staff at St. Augustine's taps a cask of a small brew, seasonal or special batch of some sort from one of their supplying breweries. This week, it was the Granville Island Limited Release Ginger Beer (which I talk about here). But wait! Here's the best part: they tap a different cask each and every week. No repeats. So there's really no excuse to not go back the following Monday. And the following Monday. And the following... I love Mondays.

So you may as well forget about your plans to head home, watch American Idol and lament about the fact that it's only Monday night. Pack your sad sack self over to Commercial Drive instead. You can thank me later.

Check out upcoming casks and casks that have already been laid to rest on St. Augustine's website.

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