Jul 17, 2013

Bike adventures: Bowen Island

Despite living just a few kilometres away for most of my life, and peering out at it curiously each time I drove up the Sea to Sky Highway, I had never visited little Bowen Island. But, during one my recent little slices of bliss known as a "weekday off", I decided to remedy that.

And thus, one fine Monday morning, my friend and I set out on the 25km ride to the Horseshoe Bay ferry terminal. The ride was gorgeous (albeit hilly), and only took us an hour and ten - actually quicker than the bus would have delivered us. We walked right onto the 10am ferry, problem-free.

The 20 minute ride across was nothing short of lovely - having no one but a tour bus full of senior citizens to compete with for the coveted front-of-ferry position, we rested our ride-weary elbows on the front rail and enjoyed the scenery and salty breeze.

Upon arrival, we debated the merits of biking around the Island vs. renting stand up paddleboards. It was hot as hell, so the latter won out.

Bikes safely stowed at Bowen Island Sea Kayaking, we set out to SUP on the surprisingly calm sea.

After a lap of the next cove over, a stop at the beach and a few dips in the water (some intentional), we made our way back to Snug Cove to return our boards... and quench our thirst. A couple of pints of Howe Sound Brewing and lunch on the sunny patio at Doc's later, and we were refueled and ready to head back to the city.

Bonus: like many of the other small island communities it services, BC Ferries only charges you a fare on the way there, so a round trip cost us $13. Just another reason bikes are best - plus, you get to enjoy views like this on the ride home:

Looking west from the Lions Gate Bridge. Photo: Sean Slipetz
All in all, an awesome and affordable summer day trip from Vancouver. Bowen: I'll be back!

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