Apr 29, 2011

Beer cocktails: the Lotusland

I've always liked beer just fine the way it is, so I was never really enthralled at the idea of adding booze to it. At least until my last birthday, I wasn't.

P took me to Lotusland, an organic winery in Abbotsford, for a tasting. Within an hour, we'd befriended the hilarious woman behind the bar (who also happened to be one of the owners). We mentioned we were more beer nerds than wine connoisseurs, and she responded with: "Well in that case, you gotta try something." She promptly disappeared to her car, and returned with a single bottle of Okanagan Springs Black Lager and a tiny bottle of Van Gogh espresso vodka (what - you don't store your booze in your vehicle?!). She then proceeded to pour us a small glass of heaven - which shall henceforth be known as the Lotusland.

Okanagan Springs Black Lager
Van Gogh espresso vodka

Pour one shot of Van Gogh into a glass. Fill to the top with OK Springs Black Lager. Sip. Exclaim "oh wow - that's good." Repeat.

I'm thinking I might have a new summer hobby: creating beer cocktails. I'm planning to check out Brewing Up Cocktails with Ninkasi Brewing, which takes place on May 11 as part of Vancouver Craft Beer Week, for some inspiration.

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