Apr 5, 2011

Let the planting begin!

Between monsoons this weekend, we managed to get some containers set up in the yard. Radish and lettuce seeds went into fresh dirt, strawberries were transplanted and decorative grasses... were decorative? But here's the best part - total amount spent so far: $0. Yep, that's right - our ridiculous plan of landscaping without spending any money actually seems to be working!

My lovely aunt supplied us with cuttings (strawberries, grasses) from her awesome garden in South Surrey. She also hooked us up with some organic fertilizer and seeds (lettuce, radishes). Score!

We must be giving off some kind of ghetto free stuff radar, because we seem to be just stumbling across things left, right and centre. We got the white plant stand (in the photo above) from a guy in the Salvation Army parking lot on Saturday ("hey, I was gonna donate it anyway"). Then, later that same day, we saved this plant from certain demise beside our building's dumpster:

Being gardening n00bs, we're not exactly sure what kind of plant it is, but hopefully we'll find out soon, if the torrential downpour ever stops.  Next up on the gardening docket? Finding used pallets to build a retaining wall, plywood to make a door for the shed so we can get our bikes out of our bedroom and cinderblocks to create this awesome wall/planter P designed:

His plan is to grow hops to make his own beer with. Homemade beer in our homemade garden? Sounds fantastic to me!


  1. I've got a giant piece of plywood you're welcome to if it will work for you - just let me know when you want to come over and have a look.

    - Trace

  2. Fantastic! We will definitely come check it out. Thanks Trace :)